Ellaine Jean Basaran, BSN, RN, PSQua

Clinical Nurse Lead - Barchester Health, London

Wilma David, Safety and HR Leader

Human Resource Manager  Fairtrade outsourcing, Philippines

"Joanna is one of the best leaders I had. She is very professional and only wants what's best for in the organization she works with. Quality is the word that I can associate with her because she is dedicated to delivering quality results."

"Ms. Joanna is one of a kind, her forward-thinking, exceptional skills, and intellect are just among the things that make her a strong asset wherever she works. She is also a people person; sociable and approachable. But personally, as her mentee she has not only taught me things related to the job, but that the combination of her sincerity and fierceness has also been a guiding example of survival and success in my career."

Shilpi Yerramsetti, PMP®

Integration Architect-eHealth at Qatar Red Crescent Society

"Joanna is an expert in Quality Management and has an impressive track record of delivering high-quality results. She has an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, which was evident in her ability to guide our team through complex projects. Her attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to quality was instrumental in helping our clinic achieve accreditation.


Aside from her work expertise, Joanna is a great person to work with. She is a natural leader who creates a positive and collaborative work environment. Her excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, were essential to the success of our projects."


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About Me

Acute Care

Training & Education 

Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer 
2015 – 2016

Head, Quality and Patient Safety 
2014 – 2015

Continuous Quality Improvement Officer 

Senior Lecturer for Nursing Licensure Exam (A1)

Acting Asst. Director for Training and Development (QRCS)

Head of Quality
2016 - Present 

Primary Care

Industry Experience

Joanna is an experienced healthcare professional with 13+ years of expertise in quality improvement and patient safety. She has an impressive record of leading successful quality improvement initiatives, implementing effective regulatory compliance programs, performance management, formulation, and implementing patient safety and quality programs that have made a positive impact on the overall health outcomes of patients.


Joanna is a highly dedicated professional who believes that quality care should be accessible to everyone. Joanna is passionate about driving continuous improvement in healthcare organizations. Her enthusiasm for problem-solving combined with strong organizational skills makes her an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to improve its operations and increase its quality performance.


In addition to her experience within the field of healthcare, Joanna also possesses strong leadership skills which she applies in facilitating change within organizations. She is focused on driving positive outcomes through collaborative initiatives between clinicians and administrators.

Masters in Business Administration

Safety, Quality, Informatics &

Leadership Program

Master of Arts in Nursing


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program

Certifications and Qualifications

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