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2017 - 2018

As a highly qualified and experienced healthcare quality, patient safety, and risk management professional, I bring a wealth of expertise to any organization. With certifications including Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety Certificate, and Certified Professional in Patient Safety, among others, I have a deep understanding of quality improvement, risk management, and patient safety best practices.


My experience as Head of Quality, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, and Continuous Quality Improvement Officer in various healthcare settings, from primary care centers to acute care hospitals, has allowed me to develop skills in managing large teams, building quality and patient safety programs from the ground up, and implementing quality improvement initiatives.


My accomplishments include establishing and overseeing corporate quality, local quality, and patient safety teams, developing quality improvement plans for various departments, launching a successful quality improvement and compliance program, and promoting a culture of patient safety.


I have also designed operational and evaluation processes for health literacy centers, created risk management programs and risk registration databases, and served as a quality improvement lead on several projects.


With my expertise, qualifications, and proven track record of success, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to any healthcare organization committed to providing the highest quality patient care and safety.

Bachelor of Arts in Nursing

2005 - 2009

Master of Arts in Nursing

Masters in Business Administration

Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety Certificate


Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program

Safety, Quality, Informatics & Leadership Program


2013- 2016

2010 - 2013


Dr. Jim Laughthon

HMC Ambulance Group Head of Clinical Governance, Risk Management & Quality Improvement at HMC Ambulance Service

"It would be a cliche to say I cannot recommend Joanna highly enough, but in working with Joanna during our Improvement Advisor program and occasional professional collaborations, I have always been impressed. Joanna displays professionalism balanced by her knowledge, experience, and curiosity in supporting or delivering improvements for her organization or colleagues.


Her approach shows she cares about who will benefit from improvements and has a person-centered focus. Being organized, thorough, and conscientious with a keen desire to increase her knowledge and experience are key attributes Joanna displays in trying to help others. If I had the chance to work directly with Joanna, I would not hesitate. Joanna will be a positive influence and asset for anybody she will work with."

Irvin Balagosa, BSN, RN, MFCI

Clinical Informatics Support Specialist,  Cleveland Clinic London

"I have never seen a more dedicated and passionate professional as Joanna. When we worked in the executive team, she started from a one-woman team to slowly honing more professionals to start a tribe of Quality Practitioners. Her unequivocal communication strategy led others to let her lead the way. Her knowledge of the ever-dynamic panorama of Quality Improvement is vast and always up to date.


You may never come across a strong woman with such passion, determination, and charisma as Joanna. She may well be a top 10 on my Most Influential Women Leaders- every institution needs  like her to achieve success."

Dr. Aurif Bin Thaj

Head of Dental Dept. & Chairman - Dental Committee - Qatar Red Crescent - Medical Affairs

"Joanna has exceptional skills and expertise in the field of quality and safety. She has been a valuable member of our team, and I can confidently say that she possesses the qualities that make her an excellent candidate for any similar role. She has excellent knowledge of quality and safety protocols, as well as the ability to analyze complex situations and provide effective solutions.


She is highly organized, detail-oriented, and has a keen eye for identifying potential risks and hazards. Her proactive approach to quality and safety has reaped dividends for our organization, including obtaining platinum level accreditation by Accreditation Canada. In addition to her technical skills, she is a natural communicator, able to explain quality and safety procedures and regulations to colleagues and management in a clear and concise manner.


She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that everyone in our organization is aware of the importance of quality and safety, and this has helped to create a culture of quality and safety throughout our workplace. Overall, I am confident that she would be a valuable addition to any organization that prioritizes quality and safety. Her dedication, expertise, and strong work ethic would be an asset to any organization."

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